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"Quazar! Quazar,where are you?!" I shouted walking into the only room in the entire house I haven't searched yet. I try my best to sneak into the room quietly so Quazar couldn't hear me enter the room,if he really was there,but I trip over my long light purple colored jacket which was so big on me it was more like on of those really long wedding dresses that you see in old Disney movies. I fall to the ground with a thud. So much for a surprise attack I thought to myself. I got up and walked in the center of the small room. Quazar really stepped up his game this time. I stand there looking around the room hoping to find some sort of movement or hear some sort of sound. Nothing. I turn back around to head back out of the room when I hear the creaking sound of a door closing behind me. I quickly dashed back to the center of the room. Straight ahead of me was a closet. I head towards it. I reached for the door nob...I couldn't reach it. So I banged on the door."Quazar,I know your in there! Come out I've found you! It's your turn to find me now!" I yelled through the door. The door slowly opens up and Quazar walks out. "Ok,my turn. You go hide now,Zodiac." He said. I was still impressed by how well he was hiding. He chose a dark closet,and with his dark blue hair it really helped him."Ok." I said. But as we were walking out of the room, something didn't feel right. I all of the sudden I felt like I was going to faint. I quickly lean on the wall so if I did faint,I wouldn't hurt myself. Quazar turned around and had a look of concern on his face. Him being 2 years older than me,he picks me up and takes me to our mom.

Later that week our mom took me to a doctor cause apparently I had a fever. So far in the early first year of my life I've never been to a doctor. As we walk in the lady at the desk tell my mom to fill out the paper work and have a seat. My mom nodded and picked me up so I could reach the pen. The lady on at the desk was watching me strangely. "Oh she is quite brilliant. She knows how to read and write already which is quite astonishing for such a young child." My mom told the lady. Which was true. I've read multiple stories to Quazar. After we sat down a tall man in a lab coat came into the room."Zo-Zodiac?" He said in a deep but unsteady voice. He led my mom and I to a room where he asked me to sit on the little spinning chair that was in the room. He asked my mom if he could talk to her privitly. They walk out of the room for about a minute. Then my mom walks back in,alone. "The nice doctor told me it sounded like you have the flu. It's a illness which last was around about 500 years ago. Nothing to worry about. He's just going to come back with a new medicine that he's been working on." She said to me in a calm voice. I wasn't scared though. Did she think I was? Then came in the doctor with a big needle with some sort of pitch black liquid inside the tube attached to it."Ready little one?" He asked me. But before I could say anything in return,he spun me around in the chair so my back was facing him and he stabbed me in the spine with the  needle and squirted all of the liquid that was inside if it into me. I felt some sort of a rush,but not like a sugar rush,but it was a bad feeling. The room started to get darker and darker and soon I couldn't see anything. But then everything became light again a minute later. I was somehow in a bathroom with my mom holding my long brown pig-tails back. As I look back at her she seemed to be both angry and concerned. We walked out and she started cursing at the doctor for giving me whatever was in the shot.

Days have gone by and now I'm starting to get better from the visit to the doctor's. I'm glad I'm all better just in time for Quazar's birthday party. I can hear the front door open. Must be our uncle Hebo. He is both Quazar's and my favorite family member besides our parents. "Zodiac! Your uncle is here!" Yelled our dad. I was looking for the goggles our uncle had gave me for my 1st birthday. I lost them during the time I was sick. So now I want to find them. As I was looking I start to hear muffled yelling. It was our mom and dad yelling at our uncle. I didn't think too much of it at that point,and I continued my search. But just as I find them,the yelling turned into screaming. It was our mom.But then it all was quiet. The silence after such loud screams worried me. I quickly ran to the closet in the hallway and grabbed the spare pistol our dad kept in the house just in case we needed it. As I got to the end of the hall where it enters into the kitchen,I see Quazar standing there,tears falling down his face. I look down to see the body of our mother,lying there, motionless. Then I quickly look up just in time to see our uncle stab our father in the head. Both me and Quazar are breathless. Our uncle slowly turns around,covered in our parents blood,holding a little perpelor hat. I hold up the pistol aiming for his head,ready to pull the trigger if he takes one step closer to both Quazar and I. He looks at me with a look of a mix of rage and insanity. He was holding a knife that had both cake icing and blood. Mostly blood though. But there was a voice in my head telling me to shoot him. It sounded pyscotic and whispery. I ignored it but the room started to get darker like days before at the doctor's. But it wasn't as bad. I could still see,barely. It was black tinted and fuzzy. But what I saw was how I pulled the trigger to the pistol and shot right by Quazar and the bullet hit our uncle in the head. As his lifeless body fell to the ground the hat fell out of his hand. I honestly didn't mean to shoot him. I don't know what happened. But the voice in my head u mentioned before just started laughing pyscoticly. I couldn't stop myself. After shooting​ Hebo I look to Quazar. I could tell something in his head wasn't the same just like mine. After seeing 3 trusted family members get killed right in front of him and at the age of 3 that would be pretty traumatizing. Could make anyone go insane.
"How did this all start?" I asked him.
"Hebo w-wanted to g-give me that hat f-for my birthday. B-but mom and d-dad started telling him something that h-had to do with our ancestors." He said through his tears. "T-they started telling a-at each other. T-then...T-then..." He stoped right there. His voice sounded different then before all that happened. I think he was traumatized,but I don't know for sure. I walk into the room and pick up the hat and gave it to him. "I'm sorry." I said to him. He took the hat from me and put it on.
"It-it's okay." He said back to me. Giving me a gentle smile.

I wake up the next morning to the sound of the door slamming. I quickly get dressed and hurry to the front room. And there was Quazar standing there,holding this small brown kitten. He was still wearing the perpelor hat from yesterday. But the look in his eyes were different. More...pyscotic. "What's that?" I ask him already knowing what it was.
"It's a cat. I got it for us." He replied. His voice was different to. I tried to act like I didn't notice but it's kinda hard to pretend not to notice.
"What should we name him?" He asked me. The voice returned and a name I would have never thought of. D.C. I go along with it and answer Quazar's question. Not even knowing what D.C stands for. D.C hopped out of his arms and started rubbing up against my legs.
"Quazar,are you okay from...everything?" I ask him in return.
"I'm not Quazar,girly. My new name is Oreon." He answered. I stood there, frozen in surprise to the answer he said.
"Well, where is Quazar?" I asked with a bad feeling in both my mind and stomach.
"He's...Ok I don't know where. But get use to me girly cause I'm here to stay." Oreon said. I think that what happened yesterday made Quazar go a little insane. But nevertheless he was still my best and only friend. He coughed and had a different look on his face. It was Quazar. He had come back and had a look of confusion on.
"What-what happened? When did we get a cat?" He asked unaware of Oreon.
"I got us a cat. His name is D.C." I told him.

A month pasted since the day our parents died. I saw Oreon a few times since then,but I don't mind him really. His voice and expression can be a bit creepy at times but he doesn't try anything. At least that I know of. I know that Oreon must be annoying Quazar cause when Quazar comes to he seems annoyed at how many times he get confused. The door bell rings I run to go answer it. A police officer is standing in the doorway. He looks down at me and asks me where my parents were. I couldn't tell him that they were killed and my brother and I were living alone together. And with runins with Oreon.
"There at work,sir." I answer him.
"Do you have anyone watching you?" He asks me. I gradually told him that my older brother watches me.
"Can I speak with him?" He asks. That question gets me nervous. Anything could set Quazar off and have Oreon come out. I told him one moment and I quickly run to Quazar's bedroom. I open the door and peek in. I see Quazar sitting on the floor with all the kitchen knifes in front of him sorted by the size. Obviously it was Oreon. So I quietly close the door and run back to the door with the police officer behind it. But this time the cat runs next to me. I open the door and tell the cop that my brother can't​come to the door at the moment. Then he starts telling me that people have called in saying they herd gun shots and screaming.
"Ohhhh. That was just a horror movie we were watching with our parents." I tell him. He looks at me skeptically and warns me that he has his eye on me. I close the door after watching the cop drive away in his car. I run back to Oreon but this time instead of just peeking in the room I walk in.
"Oreon you need to be careful! Whatever you do while I'm asleep, people see and get scared,then they call the cops to take both of us! You don't want that do you." I yell at him. I never really yell at Oreon whenever he's around just to keep him tame so he doesn't try to do anything to me. He starts yelling back at me but I don't think it was English. He picked up one of the knifes that were spread across the floor and throws it at me! I dart to the floor before it could hit me.
"Quazar what are you doing?!" I yell even though I know it's Oreon.
"I'm not Quazar. You know enough about that girly. I'm Oreon Calway. And I'm the last thing you will ever see!" Then he picks up another knife and throws it. This time I wasn't as fast to dart away. It hit me and sliced my face open. I open my eyes and see blood drip down and off my face. I look up to see Quazar standing there in both shock and confusion. Tears start to run down his face.
"Did I do that..?" He said under his breath. I get up and start to walk towards him to comfort him. He pushes me into the wall and runs out the door. I get up and run out after him. Again the cat notices that I'm running​and runs right by me. I never noticed how dark it was. It had become night while Oreon and I were fighting. I see Quazar run into the forest across the street from our house. Both the cat and I run into the forest after him. As we run in it got so much darker then it was outside the forest. I thought all the blood loss was messing with me cause when I look over to check if D.C was still next to me,I see a 13 foot shadow colored cat creature thing with bright pink eyes and the pupils looked like black hour glasses. I slow down to see if it was real. I put my hand up to it and it slows down to a stop. I feel it's soft fluffy fur and realized that was D.C. But it became something... Majestic. I turn back to the way we were going and see a tall figure. But not as tall as D.C. It was wearing a suit and had no face. It had black tentacles coming from his back. He picks me up by the shirt collar and I just stare at him.
"Who are you?" He asks me.
"My name is Zodiac Calway. Who are you?" I answer him. He puts me down and hands me something. A plush animal toy. It's small and soft. It was the same color as my jacket. But it was alive! It hops out of my arms and onto the ground. It looks at me and closes it's eyes hard. Then before my eyes he became black and his right ear and tail was replaced by wires.
"My name is Slender Man. And here is a gift from me to you." Said Slender. I wondered why he gave me such a cute toy with a cool power. But I didn't question it. It was dark and I was tired from both the running and the blood trial I left behind me.
"Hey,Slender. Do you want to come home with me and my cat?" I ask him. He nods his head and picks me back up,but more gentle this time. As we were walking back home,I wonder if the shadow cat had a different name.
"Is your name still D.C? Or is it something different?" I ask the creature.
"Midnight." Said the creature. Apparently it can talk. We get home and Midnight shrinks back down to D.C and the toy goes back to it's original form. I decided to name the toy Jake. I don't know why,but the toy looks like a Jake.
"Night,Kid. See ya in the morning." Slender said. And then I fell asleep.
Elliptical Galaxy:PT1 w/Slender and Freddy Fazbear
My OCs stories. With Slenderman and Freddy Fazbear. And possibly some Venturiantale references :D
(O.C) Zodiac Calway: Elliptical Galaxy serise
My new OC from a new OC series called Elliptical Galaxy. She is from Team Cosmic.


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